Hello and welcome! My name is Loes van Oosten, and I am an artist who lives near the beaches of The Hague, in the Netherlands. With a keen eye for beauty, form and detail, I am open and observant of everything around me. In my artwork I try to capture the beauty of nature and every day life. My creativity is sparked by seemingly engineerd structures in nature and various art styles like the Art Nouveau and Wiener Werkstätte. I make surface pattern designs and product illustrations for any surface. My signature style is bold, bright and graphic with a dash of playfulness. The graphic nature and texture in my work comes from the various artisanal techniques that I use, like printing handmade block prints, drawing with charcoal and cutting paper. With my digital work, I strive to stay as close to the handmade original as possible.

artist and partner in the design process

As an allround image maker I have a strong focus on creating work with my recognisable, signature style. In our design process I am a professional partner, from conception right up to the technically correct end result. On request, I can help you prepare the designs for production. As a professional I can rely on 20 years of experience in working as a creative in commercial companies, and I am therefore used to work with a range of requirements.

work and collaborations

I love collaborating! I am always happy to help you, with a beautiful pattern or illustration that will add value to your product. Please contact me, so that I can show you my surface pattern design collections and my ready-to-use patterns, and to discuss a possible future collaboration. Patterns are available for licensing. In addition to my ready made collections you can also contact me for custom made commissions.

client list

My clients include Cotton + Steel, Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Flow magazine, Ompak, Noissue, Studio Eleven Papers, Nibble, Sock Candy and many more.