Illustrator and surface pattern designer Loes van Oosten lives near the beach of The Hague, in the Netherlands. With a keen eye for beauty, form and detail, she is open and observant to everything around her. In her artwork she tries to capture the beauty of every day life and nature.

Her signature style is bold, bright and graphic with a side of playfulness.
The graphic nature and texture in her work comes from the various crafty techniques that she uses, like printing handmade stamps and block prints..
With her digital work she strives to stay as close to the handmade original as possible.

In addition to her commisioned work Loes has started her own custom wallpaper brand Walls by Loes van Oosten and is she a passionate teacher and co-owner of creative learning centre Immer Urlaub.

Her clients include Cotton + Steel, Albert Heijn, Flow magazine, Noissue, Ompak, Enveloprint, Prominent tomatoes and many more.