roadmap of the community | ja wol

roadmap of the ja wol community | ja wol | the netherlands

The aim of the assignment was to design a flexible roadmap that visualizes the Ja Wol community.
The Ja Wol community is a community for creative makers and sellers. Owner Saskia de Feijter helps small businnesses, in the needlecraft industry, grow and develop their own business with a keen eye for sustainablity.

The assignment contains 1 roadmap, which visualizes a small village. The village is a metaphor for the online community. The roadmap is divided into 6 areas. Each area is drawn in a different colour. Each area has its own theme that relates to a part of the online community.
In each area you will find small stories and topics that will be used as seperate illustrations for workshops, courses, blogs, social media posts and podcast episodes.
September 2023.

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